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Hit the Surf: 8 Kid-Friendly Beaches

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014
Around the 4th of July, our hearts and minds start to really turn westwards toward our beaches. Whether it’s to beat the heat for an afternoon, or a fun family day away, here are some of the best kid-friendly beaches to hit up in LA County!
There’s nothing like a sunny Southern California day at the beach, but making the trek west with your little ones can sometimes be a daunting prospect. Between worries of crowds, high surf, and all that sand that will still be in your car when they leave for college, you might even be tempted to skip it all together.  But here’s a secret: half of the challenge is in knowing where to go. With clean bathrooms, shallow breakers and short walks from the parking lots, a day at the beach can be a–well, a day at the beach. Added bonus: all that sun, sand, and running around is a guarantee for a sleepy kiddo and an easy bedtime.

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Malibu Area Beaches

Westward Beach, Malibu
This lovely stretch of sand is private and picturesque. Often used for filming (yes, you recognize it from everything from Planet of the Apes to Iron Man), the large cliffs provide a stunning backdrop for your family’s beach day. Just be advised, this north-facing beach’s surf breaks shallow and close to shore, and while the surf is generally not huge, smaller munchkins and beginning swimmers need to be watched closely, especially by the water’s edge. If you keep your eyes peeled, you may even catch a glimpse of some body surfing dolphins! There is a pay parking lot or free parking on the street, just be advised you will have to cart your stuff and your little ones if you park on the street. The restrooms are generally clean but the lifeguard tower is only manned in the peak summer season.

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